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9th Grade Checklist:

  • Learn the Northwood Graduation Requirements
  • Unsure of your daily schedule? Here’s a link to the regular bell schedules
  • Apply your study skills and earn good grades!
  • Get to know your counselor
  • Get a taste of what life is like at Northwood!
    - Participate in extracurricular activities at school
    - Surf the website
    - Get a hold of the school newspaper or past yearbooks
    - Check out the school calendar for games and events
  • Plan Ahead for the next 4 years
    - Courses you are interested in taking
    - Colleges you might already be interested in
  • Keep a file/portfolio of important documents:
    - Copies of your report cards
    - Lists of honors and awards
    - Lists of clubs and sports you are involved with on campus
    - Lists of any community service activities you are involved with, how 
    many hours you complete, and what you do (community service forms
    are available for pick up in the counseling center- office 1031)
Download this file (Freshman Naviance Family Connection.pdf)Freshman Naviance Family Connection.pdf[Freshman Naviance Use]279 kB
Download this file (Freshman Parent night 2013 newest.pdf)Freshman Parent night 2013 newest.pdf[Freshman Parent Night 2013]485 kB
Download this file (mathtips.pdf)mathtips.pdf[How to Study for Math]11 kB
Download this file (spanishtips.pdf)spanishtips.pdf[How to Study for Spanish]35 kB
Download this file (Freshman_Class_Presentations[1].pdf)Freshman_Class_Presentations[1].pdf[Presented in Freshman English Classes]1051 kB
Download this file (NHSTutorCtrPoster2015.pdf)NHS Tutor Center Information[NHS Tutor Center Information]244 kB

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