IVC/IUSD SUmmer College Program

Irvine Valley College (IVC) and the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) are excited to share with you the establishment of an IVC/IUSD Summer College program for summer 2017 at IVC, from June 14 through July 26, 2017.

Current IUSD students who are in grades 9 through 11 in the 2016-17 school year will be given the exclusive first-come, first-served opportunity to enroll in up to 11 units of specific CSU- and UC-transferable general education classes. (See the website for the list of eligible courses).  This program is valid for students at the following IUSD high schools only: Irvine, Northwood, Portola, Creekside, San Joaquin, University and Woodbridge. IVC course credit will not appear on the NHS transcript, nor will it serve to meet NHS prerequisites or graduation requirements.

Thanks to special funding made available through Measure BB from the City of Irvine, this program will cover participants’ health fees, non-resident tuition and capital outlay fees (if applicable). Currently, high school students do not have to pay enrollment fees. Students will be responsible for purchasing books, materials fees, parking fees and all other associated costs.

Applications for admission for summer will be accepted beginning April 3, 2017.

See: for more information and the steps to apply.

Student Information

This Page includes the following:  (See Left Menu)

  1. Senior Information
  2. Textbook Lists
  3. Student Code of Conduct
  4. Club Information
  5. Honor Rolls
  6. Visual and Performing Arts Information

Senior Graduation 2017

Senior Graduation 2017

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Coming soon will be the information for seniors for Grad 2017

These will include the following:

  1. Senior DVD
  2. Graduation Field Trip Permission Form
  3. Graduation Letter
  4. Graduation Ticket Order Form
  5. Senior Bar code sheet
  6. Senior BBQ- Breakfast
  7. Senior Calendar
  8. Senior Trip
  9. Senior Trip Permission Form

Download this file (2017 SENIOR DVD GRAD.pdf)Senior DVD[Senior DVD]117 kB
Download this file (Graduation Field Trip Permission - Back of order form 2017.pdf)Graduation Field Trip Permission Form[Graduation Field Trip Permission Form]154 kB
Download this file (Graduation Letter 2017.pdf)Graduation Letter[Graduation Letter]318 kB
Download this file (Graduation Ticket Order Form 2017.pdf)Graduation Ticket Order Form[Graduation Ticket Order Form]449 kB
Download this file (Senior BBQ - Breakfast -2017.pdf)Senior BBQ - Breakfast[Senior BBQ - Breakfast]621 kB
Download this file (Senior Calendar 2017.pdf)Senior Calendar[Senior Calendar]523 kB
Download this file (sr trip Field trip permission 2017.pdf)Senior Field Trip Permission Form[Senior Field Trip Permission Form]147 kB
Download this file (Up Up and Away - Grad Night.pdf)Up Up and Away - Grad Night[Up Up and Away - Grad Night]1283 kB

NHS Honor Rolls

Please see the attachments below for Honor Rolls and Principal Honor Rolls

Download this file (Spring 2013 Honor Roll.pdf)Honor Roll Fall 2013[Honor Roll Fall 2013]507 kB
Download this file (Principals Fall Honor Roll 2013.pdf) Principal Honor Roll Fall 2013[ Principal Honor Roll Fall 2013]386 kB
Download this file (Spring 2013a Honor Roll.pdf)Honor Roll Spring 2013[Honor Roll Spring 2013]507 kB
Download this file (Spring 2013 Principal Honor Roll.pdf) Principal Honor Roll Spring 2013[ Principal Honor Roll Spring 2013]132 kB
Download this file (Principals Honor Roll  Spring 2014.pdf)Principal Honor Roll Spring 2014[Principal Honor Roll Spring2014]396 kB
Download this file (School Honor Roll Spring 2014.pdf)Honor Roll Spring 2014[Honor Roll Spring 2014]130 kB
Download this file (School Honor Roll Fall 2014 - final.pdf)Honor Roll Fall 2014[Honor Roll Fall 2014]130 kB
Download this file (Principals Honor Roll  Fall 2014-final.pdf)Principal Honor Roll Fall 2014[Principal Honor Roll Fall 2014]377 kB
Download this file (Principals Honor Roll  Spring 2015-final.pdf)Principal Honor Roll Spring 2015[Principal Honor Roll Spring 2015]360 kB
Download this file (School Honor Roll - Spring 2015 Final.pdf)Honor Roll Spring 2015[Honor Roll Spring 2015]136 kB
Download this file (Principals Honor Roll fall 2015.pdf)Principal Honor Roll Fall 2015[Principal Honor Roll Fall 2015]496 kB
Download this file (School Honor Roll - Fall 2015 Final.pdf)Honor Roll Fall 2015[Honor Roll Fall 2015]147 kB
Download this file (Principals Honor Roll Spring 2016.pdf)Principal Honor Roll Spring 2016[Principal Honor Roll Spring 2016]311 kB
Download this file (School Honor Roll - spring 2016 Final.pdf)Honor Roll Spring 2016[Honor Roll Spring 2016]157 kB

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